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My Vision

I believe in team work to get you to your goals.  If  you just want to get healthy to play with your grand kids or if you want to train for an Ironman. I am here to guide and lead you to a better you.

Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment. I believe in employing the fun side of fitness. And while there may be a sore muscle or two along the way, the fun that accompanies your hard work far exceeds the discomfort.

Classes & Training

Nutrition Programs

A Healthier You

There are no quick fixes. My program will guide you through your transformation. Daily check-ins & emails will keep you motivated & teach you positive changes to integrate into your routine.

Endurance Training

Train with a Purpose

If you have decided to enter the rewarding world of endurance training, then I have the program for you. Whether you’re preparing for a sprint triathlon or an Ironman distance triathlon, you need a plan.

Private Training

Strength & Stamina

 Whether you’re looking to compete or simply want to get in better shape, my Private Training programs will improve your fitness and have you feeling renewed.  

Cycle Drills

Build Confidence

Ride with the pack!  My cycling clinic will coach you to improve your cycling drills so you will feel safer and more confident when you ride on the roads.

Running Drills&Speed

Strength & Stamina

Become a stronger runner by adding  drills, speed and core strength and mobility.  Group speed workout to get you stronger for your next event.

Mobility and Flexibility

Strength & Stamina

Part of being a strong athlete is  being able to move  better.  This session will combine foam rolling to release tension on your muscles and increase mobility.  By adding the stretching we add mobility to our joints.

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